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Wednesday, 18 January 2006


Most Uncomfortable Sleeping SalarymanToday I stumbled on this photo of a Japanese sarariman taken by GaijinSeb. Curious, I investigated a little more about what "salary man" is.

I printed something to read called Chapter XIII—Order Amidst Rapid Social Change from a book called Japan's New Middle Class, written by Ezra F. Vogel. (I hoped that this would be an interesting parallelo-tangential-synergistic reading for my wonderings about Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps - a panel i'm on at SXSW this year.)

I also found a lovely film called Salaryman6 by Jake Knight on the BBC. The Salary Man rigs up his camera to take photos automatically.
After four days, I had four films.
I was curious to see what they were.
I went to develop them in my lunch break.
Ticket machine...
Convenience store.
They are all the same.
Is this my life?
I don't have a past, present or future.
My life is rotating.

I pulled out the printout at Embardcadero. My iPod was set to shuffle. It was busy. People waiting, moving past me, a little close sometimes. As I skimmed about migration, transitional order and group control of alienation and change, one of my favourite songs in the whole wide world came on. (Little White Fluffy Clouds by the Orb.)

That put a centrifugal force in today's particular rotation.

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