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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Land of the Second Chance.

I remember hearing Arnie tell his "Coming to America" story, where he stressed the fact that the USA will give anyone a second chance. That's nice.

Especially when some downtrodden young inventor who's had a little trouble with the law/money/his wife notices that Americans sure love their sport, detest waiting, and need to pee.

Behold! Stadium Pal is born. (And Stadium Gal for the ladies, with Cut-To-Fit Synthetic Skin Barrier.)

The testimonials speak for themselves:
Recently I rode in the Ironbutt Rally... I have been using the Stadium Pal for two years now, and using it has allowed me to drink fluids continuously while riding, without the worry of finding somewhere to stop, and

It made tailgating a blast, and what a relief I felt when I saw the women's restroom line and knew I wouldn't have to deal with it. And girls we know how bad our lines are, not to mention the condition on the inside.

We were wondering over lunch whether the team should all get Stadium Gal/Pals to aid productivity.

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