One night in America.

I never attended any sort of political fundraiser in Australia. Not quite sure why... probably because I wasn't interested to, or didn't particularly feel the need to let my purse do the talking. It's probably true what they say about voting like your parents... at least in my case. Although I'd occasionally vote Democrat and I don't know if mum or dad ever have. Democrats are different in Australia. Labor ('blue collar') & Liberal (conservative) are the two major parties so sometimes the Democrats hold an interesting balance of power.

I was very interested to go and hear a potential candidate for the US Congress speak today. I know very little about the current political climate, apart from the obvious. My scant knowledge includes the fact that the Republicans hold the majority in Congress, making it very difficult for the Democratic voice to be heard in Government. ("republican majority congress" is an interesting search by the way. Found Funny.)

Ciggie breakI have to say my interest waned pretty quickly as I listened to Lt. Colonel Charlie Brown tell me about his war record, and how his son is currently serving his 3rd rotation in Iraq and how Charlie would go back if he thought he could make a difference, and how the Democrats need to take the Hill. Charlie's wife followed up with a true plea for funds, encouraging us to think of the children as we scribble on our chequebooks. I wish him all the best (really), because the Republican landslides all over the place are yukky, but i'm not sure I understood why he would be any different to anyone else.

There was no particular charisma and god forbid any mention of any actual policy. Brown's words were simply platitudes, sprinkled with rather strange calls-to-action to Fight! Win! Defeat! For Universal Health Care! And the Children!

I wonder what it will take for a politician to appeal to their constituents here (and back home I suppose). I mean really appeal. I asked Jason, and he mentioned nudity, but I suspect he was joking. An interesting question though, given such a huge level of disenchantment. I'm curious about what my American companions thought. I left with a few Quebecoise who were all 'quel surprise'.

Incidentally, I was pleased to discover that it would have been illegal for me to contribute to his campaign, given that I might just be The Foreigner who may unduly influence the Government of the United States.