Yee heathar!

I made it home alive from SxSW. Highlights include:
  • Presenting on the panel with Jeff, Eric, Mena & Ev. It was a real thrill for me, and I thought we could have talked for a lot longer. I realise how important good moderation is on a panel - go Jeff!
  • Meeting a lady called Leia, who still holds the current World Do Your Worst Record.
  • Being interviewed by a nice lady called Heather, who also joined me for a substantial existential chat afterwards, in which i'm sure we solved many of the world's problems. Again, it was great to have someone skilled at a) putting you at ease, and b) asking interesting questions whilst having a microphone in your face.
  • Getting a big hello hug from Steve + brief but interesting chat with another Heather about Ruth Benedict, Japan, beauty and America
  • Las Manitas, their agua frescas and unbelievably hot kitchen.
  • Betting another Heather (how many are there??) she wouldn't dare get the dance floor started. Turns out it was a dumbass bet because she was so good at it I felt she deserved a tip.
  • Meeting a young chap named Julian who loves Flickr.
  • Hanging out with the First Heather (thanks for sitting up the front), Derek, Dan, Eric, Jason & Tom... and generally feeling good about chatting to more people than last year (It's funny how each person has a totally different path through an event. It's only looking around the thousands of photos that I realise I didn't even see some people I would have liked to catch up with.)
  • Wondering about whether there's any place for a messy fuzzy search instead of a Blindingly Useful Outstandingly Accurate one...
All in all, a good trip! Now? Shagged as hell.

(Be nice if you could see thumbnails when you mouseover those links, eh?