Meet your maker.

I played Booth Bunny Kitty with Heather at the First Annual Maker Faire this weekend. Going into it, I thought that it would be like other Babe-esque events i've schmoozed at.

Then it dawned on me that I am actually a Maker. It's not a word I use to describe myself that often, but, I like it. It's fun to meet people who actually use and love something that I make. One chap told me Flickr has changed his very life, and then it was just warm fuzzies all round.

It is also fun to try to pitch Flickr to people who may not have a digital camera (amazing Eyes of the World thing, just go and look!), or to people who have used another online photo service (Flickr isn't about printing, it's about sharing and watching and discovery).

Cammie & Son Can you feel it Piggy Baby, meet baby. Booth Babe Girls

There were many, many interesting and unbelievably creative people at the Faire. People who burn stuff, tinker, sew things, solder things, warp things, play games, rebuild and rethink.

Conceiving of myself as one of those people is a nice refreshment, and something I need to practice.