New World Order.

Turns out brunch in San Francisco can be quite the intellectual exploration. I arrived at Axis Cafe for 11 (although I forgot about the clocks shifting, but anyway). The doors appeared closed apart from the big sign on the footpath that read Christian City Church. As I loitered by the sign I heard "Stand up on your feet and sing to the Lord" etc. There were back-up singers and even a modest brass section. Convinced this was some sort of getting-to-know-you test I chose the don't-go-in-there box, and Heather claimed surprise when she arrived.

After finding another venue, talk accelerated to issues of social inheritance, connection, evil, and reality. An apparently inspirational author, Alice Miller, fuelled discussion. The topic of evil and its constituent parts kept us going more than the granola. "What do you do when you're angry?" "But, but... I don't get angry." Revelatory. Much to consider.

Sunday afternoon spent talking with Mum and Dad. Sometimes our conversations revolve around checking issues off lists and logistics:
  • How do we get Australian plonk to the wedding?
  • When are you getting in?
  • Where are we staying in Tofino?
  • What are you going to wear?
Other times we venture into talking sans list:
  • When Jason and I play Halo 2 it's funny because you have a split screen and when we come against each other I'm jumping around like the proud new owner of a pogo stick, casually gazing at my feet before Jason takes me out with a headshot. Ha ha ha.
  • What's happening to the veracity of language when newsreader x describes a non-lethal car accident as carnage?
  • Australia has, in its wisdom, decided to sell uranium to China, on the proviso that China signs a 'We won't do anything nasty with it' treaty. Even though Mum's not as clearcut as she once was about damning all use of uranium, this smells like a bad idea. I mean, Australia produces the most uranium in the world, so why not mine the whole country? We could make squintillions! (Read more nuclear stuff.)
  • Recalling that Harper's article about liberalism and a strange new appreciation of sympathy for torture?
  • I pose Mum the question: "Have you ever seen evil?"
Andy thought he was going to celebrate his marriage amongst family and friends in Tofino. Little does he know that Mum and I have decided that the Oates Family and associated guests will form the New World Order, and that a week should be plenty of time in which to document our strategy.

I'll bring the wine.