Who are you actually?

And we have so many outlets for online behavior. Indeed, the biggest problem I’m feeling is how distributed, how fragmented our online selves are. My friends are scattered across so many “dashboards” it’s hard to find the individual (though maybe that’s a truer picture of the “self” than the false one we grew up with).
- a n t e n n a

Think of all the photos you've deleted instead of posted. Think of all the topics you've edited or removed altogether. Think of how many signins you have all over the web. Think of all the profiles you've ever created.

But then, think of how many people you know, and the bits about you that each of them recognise. Think of how a friendship evolves as your knowledge of each other deepens. Think of the first, second, third impression. Think of how your mother or sister knows you compared with how that kid on your hockey team once did. Think about how you present yourself.

Isn't your identity fragmented anyway?