I went to see a band called Sleater-Kinney the other night with Jason, Jen & Deneb. They were fantastic awesome girls who rock really loud. Not being terribly familiar with their stuff, the audience made the difference between new stuff and mega-hits pretty obvious. I have to say the drummer was outstanding, and an Aussie no less. So great to see a girl who can smash stuff really hard. One of the (two) guitarists was channeling Angus with great delight, particularly during her solos. Ace.

On our way home we turned off Market on to Valencia, passing by a corner store just before the bridge. I noticed a man sitting in his huge SUV in the laneway next to the store. I also noticed his left hand moving very fast up and down in his lap, him looking ahead at the street in front all the while.

I can only surmise he was letting of some steam because he missed the show.