This picture.

I got on the F-Market last night at about midnight. There were lots of people on it, but squeezing past the crowders at the front, I was able to find a seat.

A older woman with short, bleached hair, glasses and a black leather jacket got on. She passed where I was and took a seat.

I heard a man's booming voice from behind me. He yelled something about lesbos and ugly and fucking. I turned around but couldn't see the speaker. Just some uncomfortable smiles in the seats towards the back.

The voice kept coming. Lewd, rude and loud. People started shifting in their seats, and the woman huffed and sighed. The straw that broke it was the "all you need is a hard dick and I've got one here for you".

She stood up and turned, shouting back. "Don't you see there are kids on this train?" etc.

He came up the carriage towards her, and was quickly in her face, shouting. She pushed him away. Then he struck her. She fell. I stood up, so did another guy, who stepped between them. The aggressor was red in the face and still yelling. After more yelling, the woman went to the front of the train for help. Shouting. He'd been in jail. She thought that's where he belongs. He ran off and disappeared into the night.

She was OK. Shaken, glasses broken, but OK. The police were called.

Everyone was agitated. The woman apologised to us all for standing up to the man and causing a delay.

The lady next to me shifted in her seat and tsked as we waited. "Why have we stopped?" she asked me.

After the cop had come and gone - they'd lost him - we started moving again and everyone returned to not looking at anyone else.