Fan base.

I have to admit, I'm often sorely tempted to write about some of the strange-ass different photos and people that I come across on Flickr. The reason I won't is because I think it's inappropriate for someone whose role is explicitly neutral to publically collect and/or curate with a view to poking fun, because let's face it, that's what I'd be doing. (As an aside, one day I'd like to write about what your favourites say about you.)

Suffice it to say I'm also often surprised at the length and level of "sophistication" that some people will go to to get their POINT OF VIEW across. It was with some pleasure that I popped by dooce today to read her responses to some of the ridiculous hate mail that she receives on a daily basis. She's funny at the best of times, but pop her in the throes of rebuttal, and she's golden.