Get in there.

I particularly enjoy my occasional visits to Chris is one of those who reflects and writes well about himself and the state of the world.
He says:
I define marthastewartization as when more people watch TV shows about doing something than actually doing it themselves. We’ve already seen similar with cooking, interior design and DIY, now craft is gaining in popularity, and in particular the attitude that you can learn certain crafts in a few hours and then put them away again. It’s craftporn, foodporn and designporn; voyeurs rather than participants.

I had bragged to a couple of friends that I am a recent subscriber to a fantastic voyeuristic show on Tivo called Barbeque University, where "sooner or later, a vegetarian will show up at your cook-out, look into your carnivorous eyes, and ask to be fed". Luckily, I actually do get off the couch and barbeque from time to time, and am branching out.

But anyway, Chris is good. And is thinking along similar lines around mass amateurisation, consumer becomes producer (but perhaps only sometimes, sans TV), and how important it is to be able to make stuff, not just buy it.