Propositioned Causcasian.

Market A chap asked me the time at about Market and 10th. During our brief yet strangely frank conversation (up to 6th), Jim learned that I live in San Francisco and worked in the Valley. I learned that Jim worked in Water Treatment, and that he'd like to take me out for a coffee. I told him I was dating someone. Then he stopped for a burrito, because he was hungry.

I'm going to a wedding soon, so I thought I should have a frock made. Heather suggested a cheongsam - what with my figure?!?! - but I didn't want a classic dragon-y, chrysanthemum-y one, so I went to Britex (a big fabric store) and chatted to a Britex Lady about looking for a retro print. She said everyone asks for retro, and I clarified that to mean anything but dragons or chrysanthemumii. I found something I liked and purchased.

Options Then I headed (back) to Dragon Seed Bridal & Photography in Chinatown. Strangely, it's about 2 doors down from where I had my first haircut in San Francisco, on Clay. I met with Henrietta, who walked me through the process of having the dress made. She seemed to like my not dragon-y fabric, as did two of the other ladies who swanned by during my consultation. 99% of Asians get red trim, because it's for happy. Lots of Caucasians get black. I chose red.

When it came to measuring, Henrietta informed me that my Caucasian shoulders were some of the broadest she'd seen (normally Asian ladies are about 3 inches narrower), that I probably wouldn't land myself a Chinese man (except Jim), perhaps I should get a GIRDLE for the wedding, I need some lift and separates, I couldn't possibly wear pant under the dress because that looks far too casual, and that the frogs will be an extra $20. No matter. I have steeled myself for walking into Victoria's Secret to proclaim from a great height that I need The Best Bra In The Universe That Will Make My Boobs Look Small And Yet Large, Supported And Yet Not By Bone Of Any Sea Creature, Perfect In All Ways.

"But, you can make me look dainty, right?"

"Heh heh. Uuhh."

Then I had beers with Leslie at the fabulous Toronado, where we met a Pom called Mal who is fully entrenched in the ex-pat community - they have effin beers at a pub for the Aussie Rules Grand Final!! But I'll be away, dammit.

Guess Where SF

I hopped in a cab home. Sadly, there's been a bit of trouble in my neighbourhood of late. Individuals getting jumped at night by kid gangs. After chatting for a while about the weather, our origins and the price of real estate in this damn city, my Egyptian driver told me he's been looking for an Australian lady to help him start his family.

As I left him his tip I said "Good luck with your search for a nice Australian."

"Sounds like you're busy", he said.