Finding the Role.

For some reason, I'll probably be dressing up as Tammy Faye: The Lost Years on Tuesday night. Jason and I went costume shopping yesterday, where a green, yellow and white polyester suit popped off the rack and into my arms. Doubled with a silly wig, all I'm missing is ridiculous eye makeup and some pills.

I thought I'd better do some research, if I'm to play such a character... I found The Eyes of Tammy Faye, the website of a documentary that was made about this doyenne of the small-town girl goes large, falls, then gets back up again thanks to outrageous mascara use and the Bible story.

Such inspirational gems and tips:
"The only difference between the word bitter and better is the 'I' in bitter."

"I think the whole world should wear make-up."

"Hallucinations are really interesting, they're something I never had before, and I saw cartoons."

Grist, eh?