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Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Dead loss.

Bondage Bunny
By Jan Chipchase

So, I'm totally shite at blogging every day. (As per NanoBloggoThingo.) If there's one thing I've learned about myself in my 21 years, it's that I don't particularly like being (a) told what to do, or (b) made to do something I don't feel comfortable with. (It may of course be that I'm also quite good at making excuses.)

(a) In searching for answers which are tricky to recall thanks to all my repressed memories, I must fall back on Sibling Rivalry for understanding. I'm not blaming my big sister for this. Hell knows, I have a lot of barnacles that I need to pop off around my relationship with her, BUT, she did tell me what to do A LOT and in a fairly manipulative way. This made me seethe, although not in a way that I felt I was able to confront her with. Probably more than is healthy.

(b) I have a few memories of childhood where I was in the car - or just out of it - and with mum about to be sent away on something, often related to being around people I didn't know very well for extended periods:
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