Supplicant no more.

I looked in Maggie's book at random. Curate the Web, it said. Not so much. (Though I look forward to other topics. Particularly for November.) Turns out I have a whole lot more to say about today, and it has little to do with the passable club sandwich I ate for lunch.

Today was the last day I spent working in Mission College, Santa Clara, California. 'Where the fuck is that?' you ask yourself... 'Good question', I reply. To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure. I just know you have to travel about 40 miles every morning and every night to get there, and when you get there it's as bland as bland can be.

Driving home in Paul's van, we all caught ourselves catching each other in the midst of We Don't Have To Do This, Ever Again. We cheered a lot. We attended a watering hole, watching the 'abes play someone else and win. We wandered along Valencia, cheering occasionally. Aaron was hiccuping a little. I tried my Jedi Shiatsu Mind Trick that worked once on Ingrid in Adelaide to no avail.

Paul, Aaron and I ended up literally slapping each other until Michele said it was time to go.

And so, it begins Tuckered

It's a big day. With lots of effects. Namely that I can finally say I live in San Francisco, and not that I have some sort of half life existence on the border of Weirdo "Productive Energized Corp" World and reality.

I have much more to say about commuting, the life of the commuter, the destination of the Silicon Valley commuter and the end result, but, I've had beer, and it's late.


Update OK, a little curation:
I was interviewed by Leisa Reichelt about Flickr, the web at large, and how the idea of community can benefit the workplace and potentially also customer service in big business. You can listen to the interview here.

Incidentally, on that same day, Heather was also interviewed on NPR, talking about ownership, editorial control and community. Good stuff!