What the? It's Wednesday?

I snoozed in this morning, ruffling my hair and stretching as if lion on savanna. It was mid-stretch I realised I didn't have to rush out of bed and rush to the shower, required to leave by a certain time lest I miss every transport option available to me to travel 40 miles south. (Or is it 50?) It's pleasant in the morning now - A lazy, relaxed, stretchy, comfortable start to the day.

Happy people = Good, productive work.
Soul-destroyed, frazzled, tired machines who can't do anything but get to work, work, then leave again = Crap, less productive work. It's that simple.

As an aside, martial arts guru Manny attempted to bring me to my knees with his new Pressure Point Crushing Blow Technique at a recent party at my place (with my permission). Rather than crumbling, I felt his pressure to be therapeutic, not painful in the least. Not sure if that means I need a deep massage or two, whether I am in fact made of steel, or that I should stretch/exercise a little more.

I noticed there's a yoga studio about 3 doors down from the office. This is good.