The Gifts Closet.

Now, let me preface this by saying I watch a lot of TV. I believe I was addicted to it in the early 90s... Let's just say that at University, I managed to squeeze in a shitpile of TV.

The second preface is that despite the addiction, I sometimes notice things.

The other day, I saw strange Americana ad premiere for the first time. It was in english, but I didn't understand it... Since I neglected to record it at the time, I took note of the second one I saw instead:
Shot of black woman, driving in the car with her partner...
Narrator: "The old from-the-both-of-us gift... Or rather, from one person who did everything and another person who has no clue what's inside. No need to tell him you ordered online and picked it up on your way home. Sometimes it's better to keep the shopping mojo to yourself."
Voiceover: Order gifts online; pick them up in store; 5 minutes, guaranteed. Sears."

I remember that mum had (has?) a Gifts Closet, filled with bits and pieces that I'd drop by from time to time (just to make sure there wasn't anything in there that I needed). Tchotchkes and other bits for last minute gift-giving. So, I guess there is such a thing as a generic gift, but I find myself wanting to make every gift so excellent and personal, that I have trouble thinking of one at all!

But! I was still surprised by the language of and motivation behind the series of Sears commercials. It was all so "duty-bound" or something.

Perhaps everyone will just get goats this year.