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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Holiday Study.

From shadowplay

Looks like I'll be in Las Vegas for my birthday next year, playing Booth Bunny at an enormous conference called CES. Thought I'd better do a bit of research, given that I'll be on foreign soil...
The following is a guide to customary tipping amounts in Las Vegas. Tip bellhops from a minimum of US$2.00 - total to a dollar per piece of luggage, depending on the distance covered. Bartenders: 10% to 15% per round. Change persons: 10% of winnings when a hit on a slot machine pays off for you. Cocktail servers: if drinking for free in a casino, US$1.00 per drink. Concierges: up to US$20.00 for securing tickets to a sold-out show (no tip needed for info). Doormen: US$1.00-US$2.00 for summoning you a cab, depending on the weather. Hotel maids: US$3.00 a day, left under the card provided each day. Limo drivers: 15% of the total fare, or US$5.00 per person. Room service: 15%, minus any gratuity already charged. Skycaps: at least US$1.00 per bag, minimum total US$2.00. Taxi drivers: 10% to 15%, rounded up to the next dollar. Valet parking attendants: US$2.00, paid when the keys to the car are handed back to you. Waiters: 15% of the total cheque, up to 20% if the service warrants it. Who not to tip: cashiers, and ticket vendors working in booths.

Got that?
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