mourning jewelry

By jenny * {queenthings}

We were lucky enough to have Ben Cerveny come to FlickrHQ today to let us know what's been in his mind lately. He presented some lovely ideas about social morphology, self-organisation and one's personal network topology in the virtual realm. Ben made fair use of biology as metaphor (chemotaxis, synthesis etc) to describe dynamics of representation of self online.

One particular point that's easy to forget is that everyone sees a different picture of me via my content and networks on the web. This perception is skewed again for people who actually know you, and in different ways based on physical and social experience.

I feed my own presence on the web, but there are elements of it which I can't control, that are governed by connections and reflections of it; bindings with other people and their own presences.

Sadly, a friend of a friend passed away this week. She was a prolific content creator online; her presence stretched far and wide and back.

I find myself wondering what happens when she just stops.