5 Things You Do For Friends.

Thanks John.
  1. Right now, I'm singing along, nay, harmonising with The Greatest Choruses On Earth, a CD given to me by Auntie Anne for my 34th birthday. More specifically, a "track" labelled Shepherd's Farewell by Berlioz, and somehow, I can sing along. (Followed closely by Faure's Pavanne.)

    I love singing and music, and yet detest performing. Throw me in a choir bashing out the Messiah and I'm happy as a pig in sh*t. Ask me to audition for something standing alone singing, say, "Where is Love?" (from Oliver) and I will probably blush and refuse.

    Oh, and I fucking hate karaoke.
  2. I was punched in the face by a boy when I was in Year 6 (11 years old) by Leith Wilson (12 years old) in the school yard. I fell to the ground, and it's funny how Playground Antics affect you. Apparently, he liked me. Depends if there's blood, I guess. (There wasn't. Only shock.)
  3. As far as I know I hold the javelin record for my high school, four years running (1985-1988) with a longest throw of somewhere around 42 metres. In a past life I was a Jock/athlete/sportswoman from which I gained a great deal of self-esteem, strength and will. I represented South Australia in 3 sports: rowing, touch football, and javelin. A few times.

    The great thing about sport is you don't have to talk to anyone (or sing). You just do your stuff and then, hopefully, you win. (There's nothing wrong with being competitive, girls.) I have my dad to thank for my sportiness. He spent a good few years' worth of afternoons with me in the park, kicking around the footy or bowling for me. I played cricket in a boys' team in primary school (was way better than Leith Wilson), but dumped it when I got to high school because some of the boys were wankers about me being a girl and I couldn't face it.
  4. I wrote a song with 2 other dudes once. We were intoxicated by a couple of substances and out popped "Probably In My Mind", a supposedly sticky hit that's already been reworked in fine fashion by one of my best mates, Brenton. I sang the song in its raw form at my best friend Sophie's wedding, after which Brenton totally co-opted it for his own benefit. And, that's a joke. His version is even catchier.
  5. I am generally shy. Although sometimes saying that frustrates the shit out of me, because I know sometimes I'm not. Trouble is, now that I've been through the ringer of doing the whole leave home, get lucky, work hard, conquer world thing, I realise I haven't actually changed all that much and that's pissing me off ever so slightly right now because I had hoped I would emerge from my shy girl chrysalis as a gorgeous Hollywood-esque starlet with no hangups whatsoever.