So, that's annoying.

I have this directory called Flickr on my work machine. This is the directory into which I (used to) store code. For the first time in a few months (since the amazing Ben started), I wanted to update my copy of the CVS repository. (CVS = Concurrent Versioning System, for keeping the many lines of Flickr code in check.)

When I went to update, there were a ton of conflicts between my ye olde copy of the codebase and the fresh stuff from in CVS. Rather than actually process all these conflicts, which would have been an utter timesuck, I decided I'd just delete the contents of my Flickr directory, and check out a fresh copy.

I also have a shortcut on my desktop to a directory called design. The stupid asshole is that I completely forgot where that shortcut pointed until I went to save a file I was working on into it.

It was in my main (now deleted, and emptied from Trash) Flickr folder.

Assface. So, all my design documents were deleted. I thought these bloody Apple people were the shit! Shouldn't they know which of my directories are Super Active? And that I really shouldn't be deleting them? I feel a lawsuit coming on.

Got me thinking about (a) how helpful the nerdy Mac boys on the team are, and (b) whether I could just start from scratch.

Literally, scratch.


Tomorrow? I'll fork out some cash for a 1TB drive, and hope that the various disk recovery tools we found work out.