New Toy.

I bought a new computer. On a whim really... lucky me! I was told that there was a Mac podium set up at the conference in Vancouver, and the my talkmate Paul preferred Keynote. I thought, well, dammit, why don't I get one of those do-everything-faster thingies... one of the black ones?

So, I did. Unfortunately for me, it arrived after I had already left for Vankie, but I grabbed it today when I got in to work. Took me all day to take it out of its packet. People talk about the "unboxing" joy that Apple is so good at... it was ok... nothing unbelievable.

My question is... can the Magic Apple help me remember all those bloody passwords I've saved on all the other computers I use? Pity you can't pop your passwords on your retina, then your schwanky new iCam can just scan for all your passwords, bookmarks etc etc. It's just plain weird when Amazon doesn't remember me.

Though actually, having to type in all the URLs I normally bookmark and sign in to sites that normally know me is sort of nice. New footprints in the sand or something.

I'll be publishing some silly PhotoBooth photos shortly.