Talking to People.

George Oates - Web Directions North
Photo by kk+

I've just returned from a slightly whirlwind trip to Vancouver, where I had been asked to speak at Web Directions North. Congratulations to Maxine Sherrin, John Allsopp, Derek Featherstone and Dave Shea for putting together a great gathering of particularly designery folks. It was just the right size! May there be many more!

I was lucky enough to present with Mr. Paul Hammond, who turned out to be a wealth of information, happy to get our shit together the day before we presented, and handy behind the lecturn. Thank you, Paul, for making the talk better than the sum of its parts.

And, while I'm talking about talking... I happen to be heading for South By Southwest, where I'll be sitting on a panel about tagging with Ben Brown and Thomas Vanderwal. I'm hoping we can shine some interesting light on social dynamics that have emerged since tagging began... how tags live and die, and the sorts of behaviour that I've seen around power and language - we'll see.

I'm also looking very much forward to Spring in London! I'm utterly chuffed to have been asked to speak at The Future of Web Design with Denise Wilton and Ryan Singer. I'll have to whip out my crystal ball to see what the future holds.

You know, it's funny what they say. Each time it gets a little bit easier to imagine the crowd naked. And all that.