Core Competency.

Given that I've spent most of the day schlepping myself around the house from tissues to couch and back, it's only natural that I've inserted a b-grade movie in my hectic schedule.

The Core is a story of human triumph over other humans who have managed to destroy the very engine which drives the Earth's rotation and therefore its electromagnetic skin which protects us from the sun's harmful rays.

So, naturally, America assembles a crack team of Super Dupers to Save The World: hunky college professor who spotted the problem, sexy air force pilot, narcissistic geology expert, all-round good guy commander, french nuclear weapons specialist, rival scientist to the narcissist who used to be a colleague until narcissist stole his ideas and patented them, and a computer h4XX0r with a very large nose who likes hot pockets.

The film hasn't quite finished yet, but I'm guessing they make it in the 11th hour, and the hunk kisses the chick. And there will be a lot of french horns in the climax.

Funny thing is, I also suspect the animation studio that wrote the effects had a dude who cut his teeth on classical architecture, because the city of Rome was the victim of the first lightning-terror-destruction storm. After starting in various espresso joints around the place, it blew up various columns and forums and the Colosseum, of course.

It's also weird to me when San Francisco makes a cameo in disastrous movies. The Golden Gate Bridge appears to be another easy target.