St. Patrick's Day Chowdown

By peachy92

The first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held in Boston in 1737. Whilst poking around for pictures of the day's events, I came across a fair few that involved stuffing one's face, aka competitive eating. At first I thought that was gross, until I read that the holiday has always been about feasting, indeed even lentan fast may be broken if it falls on a Friday.

I still think competitive eating is gross, and weird. It appears the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters disagrees with me.

Check out some of the awesome eating challenges all across the US of A!
"This challenge consists of 2 liters of ice cream, all the toppings and sauces (peanut butter, fudge, chocolate, oreo's, brownie, etc) and a full can of whipped cream. It cost about twenty dollars, but it was free if you ate it within an hour. Only a few individuals have succeeded. Not recommended for diabetics or those with lactose intolerance."

"5 lb of f meat, 20 slices of cheese and 18 bacon strips. The Chillerama is free if you can eat it in one hour."

"Any two people capable of eating this pizza, crust and all, in one hour and one sitting will be given the Pie free of charge and awarded a $50 cash prize and 2 free Beau Jo's T-shirts. The Pie, the Grand Sicilian, 12-14 incredible pounds of hamburger sausage combo pizza. There is a super-thick 16" crust, adding pounds of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage and hamburger. the entire pie is covered with cheese, exquisitely baked, and served to you"

Jesus. There are "Eaters To Watch" as well:

"Also, Joshua has shown good speed by winning a 2lb Burrito Eating Contest in 1 minute 23 seconds."

I just vomited a little bit in my mouth.