I had a PC laptop at work. I loaded it with personal data: a bazillion photos and a fairly large iTunes library. It came to pass that said laptop was to be upgraded. I laboured to copy photos from there to my new (personal) MacBook. Didn't take too long, and now I have all my photos -- can't believe some of the old dross in there!


Last time I was home, I opened up a shipping container in an enormous storage shed to see all the things I'd hurriedly left when I decided to sail the seven seas back in 2003. Thanks to the very helpful Team Oates, I was able to largely divest myself of just about everything I had owned back home: some to charity, some to family or friends, some to the bin. I didn't get rid of everything though, and found it particularly hard to part with my CD collection. (I'm hoping this is still hidden under the stairs at Chez Parentals.) What I did do back home was copy a bunch of my favourite things on to that work PC.

What I didn't do was transfer anything off that work PC and on to something else, though there is a long playlist on my Nano. I tried to plug that into the new Macbook, where I was given a slightly scary message to delete everything from the Nano that I hadn't bought from iTunes. Bastardo!

Anyway, the point is, I've now ditched that old music collection (apart from its physical form under the stairs), and am embarking on new, awesome adventure into music.

Recommendations welcome.

Update: That stuff I was trying to say about not getting too attached, and releasing things without a second thought? It's CRAP. I've erased some lovely stuff that I pinched from mum and dad, and now I'm STUFFED if I can remember what it was. Music for Strings something blah blah. DANDRUFF!

The rules don't apply at all to music you love. Now I have to SLOG my way through the vortex of iTunes' "Most Relaxing Classical Hits" etc to try and find what little I can extract from my dumbass memory.


And no, search engine. Even though it's quite nice and famous, I don't mean Barber's bloody Adagio for fucking STRINGS!