Independence Day.

As I continue to ruminate on cultural difference and its impact on a little girl from Adelaide, I was heartened by new insight given me by Peter Carey, one of my favourite authors:
Yes, she is Australian. She is wondering, what are people saying in France or wearing in London? That is the issue for her, isn't it? He raised his reedy voice but seemed unaware of the attention he was drawing to himself. No, we cannot wait, he cried, slapping his knee. We cannot wait another day to know, and yet we must wait-lah. They call it the Tyranny of Distance now, so I am told.

In the nineteenth century, he continued, energetically adding sugar to his tea, the women of Sydney would go down to Circular Quay to see what the English ladies were wearing when they stepped ashore. Wah, look at that. Must have one now. Whatever they saw there would be copied in the week. It will still be the same, take my word.
- From My Life as a Fake