Is the world ready?

I've just arrived home from a lovely dinner at Michele & Aaron's. Fresh pasta, lovingly crafted by Aaron and pasta making neophyte, Kellan. Needless to say, it was delicious.

As conversation inevitably turned worky - as it seems to when there is more than one Flickreeno in a room - we drifted from exciting idea to exciting idea. I'm ever curious about the sheer volume of photos we have on Flickr (we passed one billion photos the other day) and how to show people content that's interesting to them.

fartWe talked about that maligned beloved vapour trail of data that follows us around these days: that "luminous bath"; that info-cloud (which quickly descended to info-fug - hee hee - and further still to); that 'meces'.

There was naturally some debate about spelling. Concerns were raised that spelling it properly would be too far from me... but, anyway. There was giggling.

Then we played cheat, and despite my best, varied and intense efforts, I didn't wipe the table with my companions.. Though I must say I did cheat very well one round and nobody knew until I took all the cards I'd stashed on my lap and placed them back into the deck.

Strangely or not that photo was taken by australianpsycho.