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Friday, 9 November 2007


What a funny bunch of crap I came upon in the comments of Mr O'Reilly's post about Open Social. Please, just read it...

When users get to "manage" their SoNets from one "dashboard" things are going to dramatically change. I think Google will announce their Socialstream soon, fresh on the heels of OpenSocial, and I *hope* they're able to use the OpenSocial API to tap into the power of the Meta SoNet concept.

Basically this means:Eventually the Meta SoNet will be the actual Internet, but until that happens we'll just have to make do with the one-stop-shop that will evolve into the "dashboard."

I'm really enjoying glancing briefly over the Nerdiverse every so often to observe the thrashing foment of this Next Big Thing, my address book. I'm comforted by the fact that chaps like Devin will be helping me win friends and influence people into the future, via my amazing dashboard.

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