New post.

Reminded that I've had this dream again. Only this time, Dad and I were due to sing a duet, and there weren't so many Corinthians. Same principle(s): Dad & I, and not enough time.


it seems profoundly weird to me that the Censors would take the time to modify the appearance of the phrase "Pussy Wagon" to the phrase "Party Wagon" on both a keychain and the back of said wagon, and yet let it slide to have the Black Mamba killing a seventeen year old girl by smashing her in the head with a table leg with nails sticking out, while Mamba had a chain tightly bound around her neck.

Then there's the ridiculous scene where Mamba murders about 100 men with her fancy sword, blood akimbo. (Perhaps that's OK. It does shift artistically from colour to black and white, to blue and black... otherwise there'd be too much red in picture. And there's the jaunty interplay of mass murder with 50s cowboy music to calm the nerves.)

Just sayin'. There's something weird going on here.