Bathroom exhibit.

We're planning something a little bit different for Flickr's 4th Birthday. Yes, WE'RE FOUR. Flickr members will be able to share a photo that will be pinned up in our party space - Flickr Turns 4 - and also, we're hoping that people create little impromptu exhibits in interesting places, using the photos that were submitted to be pinned - Flickr Turns 4 In The Wild.

As a tribute to that, and because I've lain on my back for the last 4 days, have inadvertently stopped smoking, and have an ache-y sternum from lots of annoying coughing, I've decided to "curate" a collection of bathroom graffiti (which I generally enjoy), and may make an "installation" for my actual bathroom, if I can get people's OK. If only there was a collection of bathroom graffiti in Flickr Turns 4!

My favorite graffiti ever    

good advice    

Love your work apollonia666, perceived, der hundeliebhaber & sensesmaybenumbed, and I'll be keeping an eye on the group's tag cloud.