Kinnimbla Valley from Katoomba

By Powerhouse Museum Collection

I forgot to mention that the Powerhouse Museum joined The Commons on Flickr on Monday. I'm excited about this for a number of reasons:
  1. They're the first museum to join in,
  2. They're the second institution to join
  3. It strengthens the model of The Commons itself (I was slightly concerned that people thought The Commons was limited to the Library of Congress)
  4. There are already blended results across the two institutions (though we don't have a UI to show these off yet), and finally,
  5. We launched in time for the Museums & The Web conference, that I happen to be speaking at this week, along with Seb Chan from the Powerhouse (and many other interesting museum peeps).
I'm looking forward to lots of interesting questions here, and hopefully exploring some collaborative answers. Incidentally, I'm also wondering if we should start a Commons blog on Flickr. It might be nice to have a place for discussion, and to share fantastic examples of community contribution.