Shameless plug.

By photo_history

I was flattered when Jeff & Bryan asked me to play "ombudsman" at the first project they're putting on under their new banner, Small Batch. It's a conference called Start, intended for people with big (or small) webby ideas who might appreciate the odd war story as well as some specific guidance about how to get started.

The guys have asked me to play a fairly specific part in the day's proceedings, as an intermediary between the audience's normally virtual chatter and what the speakers talk about up on stage.

It just so happens I have been on both sides of that equation and also entertain a curiousity for witchcraft so I'm sure this role of medium - treading that gossamer line between the real and spirit worlds - will be trememendous fun, and something completely different.

But, whatever! I'm looking forward to it, and crikey!, do those boys run a clever ship.

(This "photo" is called "Test Spirit Photograph – Carte de Visite". I learned on my recent wonderful trip to Londinium that the British Library holds one of the world's premiere collections of Spirit Photography. Lovely fake stuff. Right?)