I still call Straya home.

I was alerted to the existence of an Australian Project Runway series via A Whole Lotta Nothing, and I've spent a bit too much of this weekend immersing myself in the parlance of my homeland. Apart from getting chills at all the swearing (there's either bad dubbing or silence on telly over here), I really enjoyed seeing a bunch of Aussies messing around.

Highlights include:
"That kaftan was a shocker."

"I don't understand what the fuck is the big deal."

"I need to tell you, Henry. I am so fucking pissed off."

"Would you fuck off?"

"Henry basically said, 'Get over it.'"

"There is no way in hell that we're going to put a dog on that catwalk."

"Today's runway, and I'm just shitting myself."

"You're fucken' amazing. You know that?"

"I've decided I'm just going to push myself just a little bit extra harder."

"I don't want to be nasty, but fuck, it really just pisses me off."

"To put Chantelle and Lui together? It's like putting Milo and Coke in the same glass."

"He might have been too ambitious, but Jesus Christ! If you don't have a go, what's the point?"

"Crotch watch, mate." "Thanks, mate."

"We were disappointed." "Sorry."

"Pull your head in, mate."

"Make sure that it's got enough zing to get the wow factor going, OK?"

"Deb's cracked the shits and walked out."

"Shit, poo, bum, fart, shit!"

"You're going for gold, now go for winner!"

"I just thought, aw gawd, it's going to be a bit of a hard one."

"You're down to the pointy end now."

"In Brisbane, I'm hilarious."

I also enjoyed that people complimented each other a lot, and at the end, were truly happy for each other, and laughing together like a bunch of old mates.