I have been entirely overwhelmed by messages from all over the place, saying nice things - THANK YOU.

Seriously, such warm, heartfelt words have really made me feel better.

I must say though, some of them have made it sound like I'm dead! After having a few days on the road, driving the 2,300 kilometres from Sydney to Adelaide, I've decompressed somewhat, and the intense sadness I felt in Taipei has passed. I am lucky to be folded in the warm blanket of family at home in Adelaide. Some time to take stock and collect myself, and think about what might be next.

There are also about 50 other intelligent, dedicated people working at Flickr who pour their hearts and souls into the place, every day. This time has been hard for everyone who works at Flickr, and everyone in the larger Yahoo! picture.

Having a bit of time behind me has made me step back and remember just how awesome the team at Flickr is, and how Flickr is built on the shoulders of its millions of members. (I was happy to see that a Flickr Commons group has been started by some of those millions of members, and already has some great photos and discussions going on. Fantastic!)

Warms the cockles, it does.

Long live Flickr!