Last year.

My memory is... quite bad. I now look back through Flickr to help me remember what happened. Inspired by Derek's post about his 2008.

The new year started off up in a cloud with friends, some people's first ever pavlova and a girl called Sophie.


I also took a nice trip to Washington, D.C. to tell some nice people about a thing.

The Supreme Court

Then, Kevin tried to cook a pig underground, and I tried out cross-processing, whatever the hell that means.

The Host with Wet Earth

I went to New York as well. Took a lovely dusk walk in a snowy Central Park with Ben. Saw this.

Hugger Trees

In Austin for South by Southwest, I pulled the cab off the road to stop at R.J.'s BBQ with Gayla, Davin and a host of other friendly peeps. Boy, do I like barbecue.


Took this picture of a bridge.


Went on a great photowander with 3 amazing women. Not just good photographers, but strong and kind as well. (Deborah, Erin and Heather.)

Got to go to NASA.

Water Tower

Made a video.

Ate this unbelievably glorious smoked meat sandwich in Montreal. (I wasn't even that drunk.)


Took photos of some blossoms in Golden Gate Park.


Finally made my sister Catherine learn Skype.

Ended up in the Rockies. (Canadian.)

Met beautiful Venice for the first time. Stayed in a wee apartamento with Fiona. Ohh, terrazzo.

Visited several museums, etc in London.

From the depths V&A
BUS STOP The Big Building

God, Venice is beautiful. And it takes some time to develop rolls of film.

Peggy's House

Met my nephew Alex in Dresden.


Got to visit the brand new California Academy of Sciences about a week before it opened.

Saw my friends Alisha and Paul be married by Stewart in Kaua'i. Was sorely tempted to work in a coffee shop there for a few months. Learn surfing.


Went camping for a weekend on Mt. Diablo with Michele, Gem, and Christi. I took hot dogs, the King of camping foods (but not normal at-home barbecues, people.)

Gour met

After a quick trip from Pittsburgh to Montreal by car (for Design Engaged), got to spend two days at the George Eastman House in Rochester, N.Y.. What's the protocol here... with a state abbreviated like that? Do I need a second full stop, as you see above?

Obama, by Schoeller

Had a gobsmackingly wonderful time visiting the archive of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, as a guest curator. I was privileged to make a selection for The Commons on Flickr, which should be going live soon. A highlight of the year - no doubt about that.

In progress

Also stopped again in London to visit with more museums. Such good fun.

Charles Booth's Poverty Maps Serpentine
Lovely afternoon

Then, Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Den Haag. Lots of trains. Good. There was a troupe of artistes riding a weird circular bike around Amsterdam, where I bumped into Julian thanks to real-life serendipity.

In the pub

Then, the mega-tour. Auckland. Sydney. Taipei. (Bugger. Shit. Poo. Wee.) Sydney. Get a rental car and drive to Adelaide. What a lovely time.

The natural state of things

And now, I'm back in San Francisco, and finally painting over the ridiculous paint job the previous tenant indulged in.

The proverbial lick in thoroughly slapdash fashion.