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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Digital Lives, British Library

Digital Lives, British Library

Unfortunately, I couldn't be in London for the first conference of the Digital Lives program at the British Library. But, I was able to "give a talk" there, using Second Life. Sadly, it was at the very end of their long day, I was in a virtual world jumping all over the place like a spaz, and the people over there were rushed out at the end, but, maybe that's a positive.

Jeremy John (the first curator of digital manuscripts at the Library) asked me to talk about institutions and long-term relationships with online service providers... Here's what he asked me to think about:
A key thing is the possibility of longterm relationships for online service providers and libraries and repositories; or at least agreements that might stipulate what happens if OSP enters difficulties (eg digital objects offered to the national library first etc). Could legal metadata be somehow incorporated into the tagging: eg participants tag that they are willing for their content to go to the library under x, y, z conditions... Etc.

Thought I'd dump my notes out here...


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