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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blog All Dog-Eared Pages: The Mice.

This is a lovely story written by Lydia Davis, from a book of her short stories called Almost No Memory. Thank you to Elizabeth for lending it to me. It's my new favourite. Davis' ability to write a whole, truly short story is something to behold.
THE MICE (p. 13)

Mice live in our walls but do not trouble our kitchen. We are pleased but cannot understand why they do not come into our kitchen, where we have traps set, as they come into the kitchens of our neighbors. Although we are pleased, we are also upset, because the mice behave as though there were something wrong with our kitchen. What makes this even more puzzling is that our house is much less tidy than the houses of our neighbors. There is more food lying about in our kitchen, more crumbs on the counters and more filthy scraps of onion kicked against the base of the cabinets. In fact, there is so much loose food in the kitchen that I can only think the mice themselves are defeated by it. In a tidy kitchen, it is a challenge for them to find enough food night after night to survive until spring. They patiently hunt and nibble hour after hour until they are satisfied. In our kitchen, however, they are faced with something so out of proportion to their experience that they cannot deal with it. They might venture out a few steps, but soon the overwhelming sights and smells drives them back into their holes, uncomfortable and embarrassed at not being able to scavenge as they should.

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