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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Birth of the Soviets and the Different Organs of Soviet Power

By LSE Library
This poster demonstrates the hierarchical organisation of Soviet Power. The bottom picture shows a small hut with only several people in it alongside a drawing of the virtually untouched rural scene. This scene develops and changes through the next five pictures until the top. This top picture shows the same small building as a large, ornate building with a speaker preaching to a large assembled crowd, while the side scene has gone from countryside to a highly developed urban setting.

Great to see the London School of Economics join The Commons fun today. I visited there last November and had a lovely tour from Anna, in which she showed me some of the lovely non-photographic bits the LSE holds, including some fab political posters...


...and Charles Booth's original poverty maps of London (which I had hoped might enter The Commons, but no matter.)

Charles Booth's Poverty Maps

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