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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Taxidermy Recipes.

Yes, recipes.

In my daily testing of the soon-to-be-revealed Open Library redesign, I've stumbled on a bazillion old books I would never have otherwise, and it's been wondrous. Today, I hit the taxidermy vein to discover many works of so-called Naturalist Hunters, who wrote in great detail about how to stuff the things you kill. Even sea urchins can be stuffed.

Sitting agog, my jaw dropped even further as I reviewed the following:
Composition for Making Tongues - Modelling the Inside of Animals' Mouths; their Muscles, Legs, Feet etc., and for General Fancy Work. — Procude 3lbs. white glue, 1 pint raw linseed oil, 1 pound resin. Heat the oil and resin, then add hot glue and stir thoroughly. Thicken with Paris white until the mixture has the proper consistency to mold when warm. This composition soon dries, becomes very hard, and can be colored, or gilded. Fancy decorations of any design can be readily made from molds of plaster or wood, and glued on to shields or cases, thereby saving the expense of carving. The above is my own composition, which I have successfully employed for many years.

Read on in Practical taxidermy, and home decoration (together with general information for sportsmen) by Joseph H. Batty...

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