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Friday, 19 August 2011

An update

By George

That's Niner. No-one except for me and the vets has seen him. Except hiding under my quilt. He's real, and he's just over a year old now. He's very friendly, but just with me.


Mike's V2sandbourne-2

Mike put out a call. Maptcha helps correlate old maps with new. The first incarnation works with the 1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Atlas of San Francisco.

The fun part about this was unpicking the interaction with that specific document. Each page seemed to have the same style: blocks of San Francisco, zoomed in far enough that you could see a street corner, and therefore, names to cross streets. So, we shaped it around that.

New code husband?!


Normally I design web stuff. Even though some of my files are big, they're never 2GB, like the thing to accompany a small colloquium in New York preceding the re-launch of the Understanding 9/11 TV News Archive next week. Nice to work with an actual printer man too. Turns out a 200dpi JPG will print just fine into a 14 x 3 banner.

Despite of my initial resistance, I look forward to people exploring it, after discovering upsetting, interesting and terrible tidbits myself, now that it's working.


Preparing for portrait

Last week, I was in Maine. I flew to Boston, then drove to Port Clyde. Long drive, but I like to long drive. Stumbled upon Hampton Beach.

Stayed for a week, with my brother and his wife, my 2 nephews, and Laurel's family. Got a burn, slept long sleeps, talked to children, inhaled a couple of books, ate seafood, stopped at a roadside farm, ate ice cream, visited a lighthouse, ate ham, drank wine, lit fires, etc.

Maine appears to be about Dunkin' Donuts, green, sweetcorn, blueberries, and seafood. And L. L. Bean. Apart from that, it's pretty nice.

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