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Friday, 7 June 2013

San Francisco Ability Scores

This city is weird and in some odd, constant cycle of moneyed rebirth. There have been quite some rumblings about it over the last little while, and many of its inhabitants are constantly and consistently measuring themselves up against its tides.

Rebecca Solnit's recent Google Invades London Review of Books diary entry is an essay that both bemoans and historicizes the current tidal influx of well paid, mobile twenty-somethings to her beloved city. I mentioned that article to my friend Ben over a martini at the Lone Palm recently, as we were playing that age-old game that Dungeons & Dragons players play in the real world, assigning D&D ability scores to themselves and their friends - just in an effort to try to categorize ourselves and our fellow San Franciscans.

When you create a character to play in a D&D adventure, the conventional ability scores are:

Basically, characters in the game can have between 3 and 18 points in each category. 3 is terrible, 18 is fabulous.

First, Ben and I started working out our own stats, or at least the top stat for us. Then, we moved through a few of the other players in our D&D cabal, etc. We quickly realized (dreamed?) that our top stat is probably intelligence - although I like to dream that mine is dexterity or maybe wisdom. Then, we decided that most of the upwardly mobile inhabitants of San Francisco are likely mostly brainiacs too. Ben went to the loo, and on his way challenged me to come up with the likely ability scores for this town, which I shall transcribe now from the napkin upon which they were written.

All in all, I'm probably about a 12, 10, 10, 12, 11, 9.

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