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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hitting One's Stride.

I've been carrying on a gentle research project lately about people who really hit their stride in their 40s (for obvious reasons). It may also just be a list of people I like, but, whatever. Favourites so far include:

I'm about to take a bit of a leap here in London, taking on a new office space after a good first year in business. I'm nervous about it, but also feel strong about my work and the new network of friends, colleagues, and advisors I've been weaving here. It's also nice to feel committed to building something over the coming years, especially for myself. Maybe that's it. Maybe that's why some people hit their stride in their forties (or another time)... because they work out what they want to do with their time, instead of working for other people on what they want to do.

I was about to write "fingers crossed" but instead I'll write time to knuckle down. It's not about crossing fingers, it's about jumping on chances when they come up after you've given them a good think. The office is a bit of a risk, but I think there will be benefits too, and I'm betting that they will probably outweigh that risk over time.

That's it for now. I haven't really been writing anything down about this research, so the list is a bit short and may or may not be added to.

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