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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lists of people's lists

We've started a new job at G,F&S, and we're at that bit when we're getting to know someone else's data. It's a bit like enjoying going to house viewings and poking in cupboards.

 We're joking around the table about 'oh, why can't they be more organised?' and 'why is it all so messy?' without really acknowledging that everything is miscellaneous (thanks David Weinberger). And then you find a list like this and it's charming and very specific and human and you keep moving.
["artist", nil, "printmaker", "author", "designer", "lithographer", "publisher", "maker", "subject", "printer", "engraver", "owner", "calligrapher", "commissioner", "block cutter", "censor", "etcher", "recipient", "related to", "engraver and publisher", "photographer", "curator", "scribe", "entrepreneur", "named on object", "sculptor", "heraldry on object", "painter", "printmaker and publisher", "intermediary draughtsman", "dedicatee", "excavator", "designer/etcher/publisher", "designer/etcher/engraver/publisher", "designer/etcher", "engraver/publisher", "etcher/engraver", "artist, calligrapher", "reworked", "manufacturer", "retailer", "artist and publisher", "Engraver/Cutter", "(?)", "designer/publisher", "designer and publisher", "calligrapher of title", "carver", "collector of characters", "original calligrapher", "Artist's function", "author of the text", "said to have been owned by", "poet", "publisher (prob.)"]

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