COVID-19 Journal: Day 25

Are people still killing each other? I'm hesitant about this line of enquiry because I'm out of my depth, and I'm not sure of the point I'm looking for just yet. Isn't that how all good research questions start? Or, is it just bad research.
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“From South America to Africa and from the Middle East to Asia we have seen conflict parties take some initial steps to end violence and fight the pandemic,” he said. “Still, we must remain cautious, as any gains are fragile and easily reversible, as conflicts have festered for years, distrust is deep, and there are many spoilers.”

I guess now that I've stopped squirming a bit and only considering the safety and security of myself, family, and dear friends with genuine attention I can look up for other things and look past the virus headlines. I'm sure there are better news readers and sniffers out there than me. I hope the major conflicts can calm, and that the U.N. Security Council can act and help, in spite of the apparent stalemate.

In other news, I knew, for me, today was going to be sausage-related. The pack of little Cumberland sausages had today's date on it, so I had to take care of that. I did it with the aid of a gratin dauphinois, and it was delicious and there's a lot left.

I was able to walk this morning, and saw some good chalk work.

The thing I liked most on the internet today was this new music video from Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Creators gonna create, and I LOVE the way they're stretching into the constraint. "We had to do it really quickly because it is so of the moment," they said.

Plus I like the bit where they all shout and go a bit nuts at the end. I feel like I'm holding things in a bit.