COVID-19 Journal: Day 26

Today was probably the workiest day since I started this.
  • I'm writing a grant application which is due tomorrow and has a lot of bulleted lists in it
  • Talked to a new connection in NYC who happens to be on the tech team at New York Times so I thanked him and the fabulous team there for their excellent reporting, in particular on Drumpf
  • Talked to a powerhouse team at a big museum - bit of a cold call, but was interesting and my ginger feline assistant made an appearance
  • Talked with Claire and Emma about the application and took their advice - I really need feedback at the moment, because it'll help me to not get anxious. I'm not anxious actually. It's a bit surprising. 
  • Talked to Sarah about potential customers and how we could be shifting how we approach museums to join the party. It's quite complicated and I'm not good at working through complicated things on my own, I think. Or at least, not at the moment.
  • Realised I'm bad at print-based design because I'm such a web person. The guy at the print shop within walking distance was a bit miffed at my lack of proper PDFing. I'll have to work on that once I'm done with the application. But then we'll finally have Gods postcards and that first self-produced Museum in a Box collection will be ready! And it's super fun.
  • Had leftovers for lunch, and different leftovers for dinner. Sat in the garden for lunch.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Had three cups of coffee, a cup of tea, two apples, a bit of hazelnut Cadbury chocolate.
  • Thought about a dear friend I feel distant from.
Thank you to The Sherrin for telling me that the wispy silk was caught up one of the Three Graces' bums, too. That's amazing.

View on the Prado website

I'm also now watching Stranger Things slowly (instead of inhaling it all at once, I watch one or two episodes a day.) It's still a lot of telly, but I'm really enjoying it. Joyce (the Mum), and The Chief are two of the warmest characters I can think of. They're both really nice.