COVID-19 Journal: Day 28

Normally it's with a wink of pride that I boast on a Monday that I'd done sweet fuck all on at least one day of the weekend. I am known and admired throughout the land for my prowess in the art of idle. Would that this were that.

I stayed up in bed very late last night because I was too bored to go to sleep. I watched the first episode of a Swedish Netflix production called Caliphate at about 2am. I almost kept going but went to sleep instead. Didn't sleep long.

Let me just say, if you want a calm and relaxed Saturday, probably don't watch Caliphate. It's compelling.

I had a pathetic "quesadilla" for lunch which didn't remind me in the slightest of the magnificence that is the Steak & Prawn Quesadilla served at the wondrous Pancho Villa on 16th Street in San Francisco. The crisp tortilla exterior embraces an ethereal mix of delectable grilled steak and juicy prawns entwined in melted golden wonder. With your spicy salsa and guacamole and chips on the side, it's a true dish to die for.

After completing my Caliphate journey, I thought I should probably stand up and lo and behold, I went for a walk. I've been a bit cooped up this week, so it was good to move the old bones. I've just expended a credit on Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan so started on that as I wandered about visiting a few Before haunts. Nothing of interest happened. I saw two abandoned stuffed toys in a park, so that might be creepy if you're that way inclined, or just dropped and left behind if you're not. It felt like it would have been creepy to photograph them.

This is my favourite tree in London. I even met its owner one day. I'll tell you about that on a day when even less happens than today.

This is one of my favourite pubs. I feel for them, since they were doing renovations as all the shit went down. See that golden bench on the right? No bums have christened it yet.

My mate Gill used to live here. Now she's way too far away for my liking (but happy so grr but whatevs but OK). Love you, babes.

I have been on many, many great walks in my life. The 22 mile round trip Kalalau Trail with a beach halfway that you can camp at on the smallest island, Kauai, in Hawai'i is a highpoint. You can just imagine how great that was.

Update: Here's a good thing I found on the internet today (and how she made it):

Oh, and I've seen two black vans with masked drivers called "Private Ambulance" now. I don't think they're ambulances, if you know what I mean.