COVID-19 Journal: Day 31

This morning when I was doing me yoga, the garbage men walked past to grab the rubbish. (Thanks, guys.)

"It smells like shit. You'll get used to it eventually."
"How long after eventually?"

I mean, god forbid we actually begin to enjoy The Pandemic, I write from safety.

My post office journey outfit
I write from my desk. I have Cold War [Explicit] by Cautious Clay playing really loud. I've just taken a walk to the further away but open post office to post a Box to my nephew. Hoping he'll be up for some co-design mischief, as we work on making our Make Your Own kit better for families. (It'd be super nice if we got that funding I wrote a bid for last week. We ain't no moonshot unicorns though - I really hope they're not trying to fund moonshot unicorns at the moment. NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT.)

I had a lovely morning getting a few parcels together. Not just Alex's box, but two sets of the very first creative thing I think I've ever produced in the traditional sense. Like movie producing. It's a collection about Greek Gods & Goddesses. I hope it's good. And Anna and Tracy's kids will tell us so. (And the Swiss Family Oateses.) Wrapping things up to send is a part of all this malarky that I really enjoy. I'm no expert, but I like that it feels like someone's written things and stamped stuff and stuck things and tied things with their fingers because that's precisely what we've done. I watch the way adults and kids and I tear open streamlined cardboard packages with insouciance instead of anticipation and I want it to be more than that. I also like that the entire delivery system has slowed a bit even as Bezos earns $10,000 a second. It's good that we're having to wait for (some) things again.

I remember throwing up a little bit in my mouth Before Pandemic when I saw an Amazon ad where a kid decided he wanted a drum kit, and, thanks to Amazon, it was delivered the next day. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. You should have to wait for MONTHS for a drum kit. It's a huge present, and should be anticipated. If that's one habit we all take away from this, it'll be a return to waiting for the thing you want, so it's better when you get it.

Speaking of habits to work on Post Pandemic, I hope to take away the one I've decided to focus on, which is eating ice creams.

Mint Magnum

Double Raspberry Magnum

Strawberry Cornetto, £1.40

I think I've been drawn to developing my ice cream practice because it's playful and frivolous and a treat and you have to stand in the sun for a moment to eat it. As we're all Darting around, it's a ballast. And it's sweet, which is a good foil for all the fucking wholesome eating.