COVID-19 Journal: Day 39

Gill called me a greyhound once, and I love that. I am fast and to the point when I can see the rabbit, and I usually catch it with glee. Otherwise, I can drift. I like it when friends point out rabbits to me. I am annoyed when people tell me they see a rabbit, but there's not a rabbit. Sometimes, if the mood is right, I can instantiate a rabbit right out of thin air.

If there's no rabbit, if you can't plan, things just have to be simpler. Like this Museum in a Box collection I am working on called Vaguely Mystical Objects I Have At Home, like Pig & Owl. We're trying to be better for families, so I'm dogfooding.

Pig & Owl

Now, here, being adrift isn't dangerous, because so many of us are. I can hardly remember what I did today. Maybe it's more like you're in a hammock. Unless you're in a hospital. The man who fixed my boots is dead. So's his son.

I do plan what to eat. Today I ate beetroot for lunch and dinner. Another first. Yay, pandemic!


Preparing dinner: roasted beets, beet tops, garlic, lentils, spring onions (fried), and feta 

I'm going to try for more funding. I have until noon tomorrow. I don't know how to write the cash flow they require so that'll be a learning experience. Lots of mates have been helping, sending me examples to learn from. It'd be good if more successful funding bids were published so we could all learn from them. I wonder what that would do to the "industry". I definitely don't enjoy that feeling of shooting well-described and roughly planned hopes into the void.

Here goes nothing!