COVID-19 Journal: Day 40

In spite of the ludicrously badly designed Grantium clunkiest-web-thing-in-the-universe, I managed to get the grant application in on time, along with forty thousand of my closest friends who are also on fire and needing help. I don't envy the people at the other end who also have to use the ludicrously badly designed Grantium clunkiest-web-thing-in-the-universe to manage, review, award or decline us all. That is almost as bad as the poor lass who had to read her Computer Says No policy to me the other day. I've registered a domain name.

The ginger cat is getting clingy I think. He is featuring in video calls now. It's a good thing he's handsome, although I wish he wouldn't stick his arse in my face when I'm trying to make a point.

Today I had beetroot in two meals again. That's twice in two days! Another first. Yay, pandemic! Admittedly in both cases it was the same beetroot situation, that salad I made yesterday - beets, beet tops, garlic, lentils, feta. It was delicious both times. I also drank two coffees, one fresh mint tea, two cups of tea today, which feels like a lot.

I enjoyed a giant plate of meat for dinner. It felt like a treat. I've been eating mostly veg, I think. Not particularly meaning to? Also ham is basically a vegetable, the kind of meat well meaning parents pop in things when their kid is newly vegetarian.

The simple and perfect lamb reminded me of that lovely dinner that time

I sat down after dinner to watch Benedict Pumpkinpatch on YouTube for NT Live in Frankenstein. I feel a bit unsure about how he portrays the monster at the start... the palsy act was offputting. Hard to act being a lump of flesh brought to life, I grant you, but...

Is it finished now? I mean, it has been 40 days and 40 nights. No. Not in the least. I haven't been listening for timing information. Too many dribbles of heresay to grasp anything.